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GREAT idea! I guess I'll start :)

We just bought an eliptical machine so I really want to make that a daily thing. I really NEED to make it daily! I also want to do some kind of quilting every day. Whether it's a few stitches of applique or drawing a design or helping my daughter learn. But something! Also, I need to practice the piano for a half hour daily so I can be better prepared when I play each week at church. It's been 10 years and I am badly out of practice!

Weekly, well I would love to start an Etsy shop like I see so many talented ladies like yourself do, and your comments are inspiring about getting products done regularly. I am determined to do something like that, so thank you!

I was already kind of thinking along those lines, a bit. I've decided that it's become a bad habit to get up and flip on the computer, so I'm going to divide my day into one-hour slots (this worked well for me last summer) and have a plan for each one - including an hour at the computer, but an hour of something else has to come first, which may be sewing or stitching (depending on what projects are cooking) or walking or designing some things in the back of my head. You are right, they won't go anywhere as long as they stay back there!

I was sort of hoping to drag my feet and whine a little more, before committing to what I have been formulating in my mind: Get my act together... on all fronts. Now, between you and Kim... I feel the pressure... I mean inspiration, so I am on it. Thank you. My new creative habit is to accept that I am a creative person and not just a mom playing around with scissors and glue. I am going to reclaim my physical health. Delegate more work to my capable children. And nurture my sweet skills without apology or self deprecating excuses. I love how you wrote up your game plan and made it official... I may post my own contract. There's something motivating and committed about posting our intentions in public.

Okay, I will take your challenge. I will use today to get them written down and solid in my head, then will post them for you tomorrow.

I have been thinking about the changes I want to make too. Moving more is way up there - especially since I bought the Internet business - I'll be sitting even more now! I would also like to change into a morning person - get up early - exercise - then turn on the computer. We'll see about that. I don't have a lot of creative goals - they are more business oriented at this point. But regaining my physical and emotional wellbeing is #1.

My most important resolution this year is to simplify my life. My husband and I have 4 children and have been running the rat race, just to keep spending more and more. We've actually discussed selling one car, living on only one car, and maybe me staying home with the kids and saving $$$. It is my hope 2008 will bring this for my family. I'm always stressed and now have high blood pressure cuz of it. I need to slow it down a ton. Please help! LOL. Thanks for posting this, it's a great post.

Ok, I tried to link, and it didn't work, so you will have to pop over to my blog to see mine, but they are up! I may add more, but at least I got some of them up!

Happy New Year, Tami! Love your motto, and I was very inspired by yours and Calamity Kim's posts. I have posts my 2008 guidelines at my own blog. I plan for more creativity in 2008 and may working on making up a new daily schedule to go by--I'm excited! Wishing you joy as you journey along the creative path in 2008! ((HUGS))

Hi! Great post . . . one of my goals this year is to not use the word "should," as in "I should have done that." I will use the word "will" instead so that it's positive rather than reeking of guilt (things we should have done but obviously didn't!). So, in that vein, I WILL create something every week (every day would be nice, but probably not going to happen!). Thanks for the inspiration.

What a great idea!

I will hug and kiss my son everyday (EASY!).

I will use the treadmill (that has sat dormant since the birth of my son) at least three times a week.

I will complete a crafty/sewing project by Sunday evening of each week.

Welcome to Art doll Makers. I look forward to all your new work for 2008.

Tami! I am so glad I helped someone else! I get so lost doing housework and mixing in crafts and sewing! Anyway- I am so glad you joined MSBO!!!! I love it! It is so much fun! Now, tell me, where did you score that AWESOME DRESSFORM???? and will it fit in a Priority Flat Rate box?? teehee

Okay. I spent days mulling over my goals for 2008 and distilling them down to their essence. Easy to remember and not too heavy to carry with me. These goals are simple, but for me they are BIG. They apply to my entire life.

1. Enjoy the moment(s).
2. See the positive.

See what I mean? These two goals will color the whole year for me. And you can see that they are really about being grateful for what I have and appreciating what I get. I think that will be the path to happiness for me.

Oh I love these goals you have, they are so action-driven and is similar to what I need to do. First and foremost is definitely getting outside more for fresh air and exercise. But I love how you have a different task for different days of the week.

Best wishes to you in 2008!

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