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This is an awesome post. I really appreciate the effort to get us so much helpful information. My sewing table may be too high, but my cutting table is a huge improvement over the hallway floor! Every bit helps, because I get those achy shoulders too.

Thank you for all the good tips. I love the covered office chair. Years ago I bought 2 oak typing tables, and I use them pushed together for a sewing table. Together they are about the size of a large card table, and only 28" high. You might watch the thrift stores for typing tables. Love your blog.

Thank you, thank you, Tami for this fantastic post full of tips, information and resources!! Being a short person, a big challenge has always been to get the table/chair ratio right...and not have my feet dangling in the air--LOL! A lot of great places to start rethinking how I work, and make some changes to feel better and work better! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Excellent tips and suggestions! If you love to sew, it's so important to have the appropriate sewing table and most importantly, the correct chair so you can make any adjustments necessary for comfort while you work. I did find a great sewing table at EzbuyFurniture that worked for me, I tried some others and was not satisfied.

Wow, great info! Where was this when I was working 7 hours a day at a custom sewing shop?? :-)

I'm definitely bookmarking this for that magical day when I have my own sewing studio!

Hey, I am visiting the list of bloggers in the latest Doll Quilt Swap. I took the plunge and if it's not too late, I hope they will let me play!

Great post! I bought some tables at ikea on the cheap by checking their damaged area section. The tables were used previously as store displays and were around $45 each. Since the legs are adjustable I was able to make one of them a cutting table. Now I'm searching for a better chair.

wow, you have a great antique machine too!

I wish I had read this 30 years ago! My hands are now aching and if I sew or quilt too long, my neck gets very painful. Thank you for the good tips; I plan to incorporate some of them into my sewing room.

I bought 6 of the pattern cabinets from House of Fabrics, when they went out of business several years ago. I have 3 back to back then I have 2 counter tops over that. That is my cutting table and fabric storage in the drawers. It's perfect for me.


Check out the Kaboost. It is for "kids" but I think it could work for sewing. We have one for our daughter and it is amazing! It is sturdy, does not move and has two heights to choose from. Also, it can easily travel, so you can take it to class.

I'm nearly 6 feet tall. Finding anything that remotely works for me is a challenge. I'd basically given up on quilting.

It wasn't until today that my dealer noticed my horrible way of sewing and said I needed a taller table. She had one at 35 inches and set the machine on top of it. That's about 38-40 inches high. That's a huge difference between the 29-30 inch high tables. I raised mine 4 inches. But I could probably use another 2-4 inches.

I feel like a freak in the quilting world where everything is in miniature. LOL.

Very intersting reading, really refelected opionion on ceratin intricacies of stitching

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