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I have a 440 too - and I absolutely love it. Have all the gadgets for it and never use them, rofl.

LOL Tami - this deserves a post all of its own: "oh, and once to attach some safety gear to my husband's fire retardant racing suit."


thank you very very much for this report. I'm hibernating for my Bernina 440 QE to be delivered next week and I loved to read your review.


where did you find this extension table?? that is a brilliant idea!

I can not believe this.
This is the very machine I am looking to buy. If the sewing studio that sells them were here in town I would have bought it already.
Just need to drive to Columbia in the next week or so and make sure it is what I want.

Its a great machine, I love mine and use it all the time! When you go to buy it, look into buying the two different adaptor feet they have (#75?). They will enable you to attach other brand feet to your Bernina. I got one of the adaptors so that I could use the flower foot that Nancys Notions sells. Plus you could then use the old Singer ruffler and binder attachments. The one that Bernina makes is $200 or so! Yikes! My dealer swung me away from buying it and told me to get the adaptor. Theres plenty of old sewing machine attachments at yard sales and garage sales so its a good deal.

Im saving up money so that I can eventually buy the embroidery module but its expensive - anywhere from $700 to $1000 depending on whether the dealer has a sale going on or not.  :-)

Where did you find that great wooden extension table? I can only find those plexiglass ones.

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